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Dr. Eduardo J. Coll ReyesSpecialist in Oral Rehabilitation and Dental Aesthetics, Expert in Smile Designs and Dental Image Consulting. With 19 years of experience and over 1000 successful cases, specializing in smile designs using disilicate and ceromer lenses with indirect technique. Expertise in implant-supported prosthetics, dental crowns, and cases related to temporomandibular joint disorders (bruxism, muscular pain).


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Oral Rehabilitation

Diseño de sonrisa
Diseño de sonrisa
Este doctor es espectacular, buen odontólogo, amoroso y trata esos dientes…  Mejor dicho, soy otra persona, me rejuveneció  “80 Años” muchas gracias Dc. Eduardo Coll. 


Diseño completo antes
Diseño completo despues
Antes de llegar a Eduardo Coll mi sonrisa era un “Desastre” confíe en él y en su equipo médico para mejorar mi sonrisa con su gran dedicación y amor a su trabajo, transformo mi sonrisa en algo mucho mejor y puede comenzar a tener más confianza en mi vida.

Fernadanda Hernandez Gonzales

Diseño Antes
Diseño depues
At Eduardo Coll Clinic, you will find all the specialists you need. Thanks to their excellent work, I can smile confidently again. I am very grateful for the great job they did with my smile.

Gonzalo Fernandez

Diseño de sonrisa ANTES
Diseño de sonrisa Depues
I came to Eduardo Coll with a significant imperfection in my teeth. Upon arriving at the Eduardo Coll Clinic, I feel more confident with the beautiful smile they left me with. Thanks to their excellent aesthetic with smile designs.


Odontopediatria Antes
Odontopediatria Despues
I arrived at Eduardo Coll Clinic with a clinical condition called fluorosis demineralization, which causes deformities in tooth enamel. Every time I visited different dentists, they couldn't provide a solution. But thanks to Eduardo Coll Clinic, they improved this aspect of me that had been bothering me so much.

Iris Cortina

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